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We serve many different cask real beers, a good selection of lagers, ciders (Including some locally made ones), and we have an excellent wine menu for you to choose from to have with a meal or to enjoy on its own. 

We also serve many different bar snacks for the busy person nipping in for a quick drink. 

We often have different guest ales in and will publish these when we can. 


The Unicorn Pub & Dining Drinks Menu


Harveys Sussex Best       Pint £4.50   1/2pt   £2.15        
Shepherd Neame Masterbrew    Pint £4.30       1/2pt   £2.15
Guest Ale   Pint   £3.90    1/2pt £1.95


Fosters    Pint £4.50    1/2pt   £2.30        
Birra Moretti    Pint£5.50        1/2pt  £2.75
Stella Artois      Pint   £5.50     1/2pt  £2.25
Guiness       Pint   £5.00      1/2pt   £2.50         
Aspall Cider     Pint   £5.00       1/2pt   £2.50


Gordons    Single  £3.50      Dble  £6.00     
Bombay Saphire   Single £4.00     Dble £7.00
Anno Marden Gin    Single £4.50       Dble £8.00


Smirnoff   Single £3.95    Dble  £7.00     
Absolute     Single £4.20     Dble £ 7.50
Grey Goose  Single   £4.65           Dble  £8.50


Bacardi    Single £3.95      Dble  £7.00    
Malibu   Single £3.95     Dble  £7.00
Morgan Dark    Single £3.95       Dble £7.00    
Morgan Spiced  Single  £3.95             Dble £7.00


Famous Grouse   Single £3.00        Dble  £5.50        
Johnnie Walker     Single £4.10           Dble  £7.50
Glenmorangie      Single £4.00          Dble  £7.50    
Jack Daniels    Single £3.95          Dble £7.00
Southern Comfort   Single £3.95            Dble £7.00

Bottled Beers & Ciders

Heineken N/A  £3.75             
Peroni N/A £4.00         
Kopperberg Cider £5.00                
Kopperberg N/A £3.75
Turners Medium Dry/Dry  or Pear Cider £5.00

Soft Drinks & Mixers

Draft Coke/Lemonade   Pint £3.65        ½ £1.80        Dash £0.75          
Lime & Soda      Pint £1.25     ½ £0.90
Kentish Cox Apple Juice,  Apple & Raspberry Juice,  Apple & Blackberry Juice,  Apple & Mango Juice  £2.70
Bentleys Elderflower & Lime £2.70                 
Franklins Tonics,  Gingerbeer,  Ginger ale £2.50
Bottle Coke/Diet Coke  £2.20               
Red Bull £2.50    
Pineapple Juice       Cranberry Juice    Tomato Juice  £1.80
Bottled Water still or Sparkling £2.50

Sherry, Port & Liqueurs

Cockburns Ruby Port  50ml  £3.50 
Tio Pepe Sherry   50ml £3.50     
Baileys  £4.55    
Tia Maria £3.95     
Cointreau  £3.50


Sambuca  £3.00        
Jaegermeister  £3.00 
Tequila £3.00 
Salted Caramel Tequila £3.75


Our Wine List

 Los Pastos Sauvignon Blanc Chile

175ml  £4.50     250ml  £6.50    Bottle 75cl  £18.50

This Chilean wine is dry, with lovely soft fruits, gooseberry and grapefruit aromas with a superb

Refreshing aftertaste

Alain Mecon Chardonay France

175ml  £4.75     250ml  £6.75   Bottle 75cl  £18.50 

straw coloured wine which has a lovely
balance between juicy, buttery tropical fruit
and crisp refreshment.

Contefresca Pinot Grigio Italy

175ml  £5.00   250ml  £6.95  Bottle 75cl  £20.50

An elegant, soft and dry white wine with excellent flinty minerality

Aotearoa Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand

175ml  £5.60   250ml  £7.60  Bottle 75cl  £22.50

This award winning New Zealand white is dry with classic mown grass,green capsicum and

Tropical fruits characteristics.

Aulico Gavi di Gavi Italy

Bottle 75cl  £27.50

Soft and elegant bouquet, rich in fruit nuances.
Rich, settled and harmonious with a long lasting

Pacific  Heights Zinfadel Blush U.S.A

175ml  £5.00   250ml  £6.95   Bottle 75cl  £20.50

A delicious off-dry rose, a beautiful salmon pink colour, with a balanced freshness and acidity.

A well made Californian ‘blush’

 Contefreca Pinot Grigio Blush Italy

125ml  £5.00   250ml  £6.95   Bottle 75cl  £20.50

A delicate blend of summer fruits and light acidity combine to produce a dry gentle blush

Telegraph Road Shiraz-Viognier Australian

175ml  £4.75   250ml £6.75  Bottle 75cl £19.50

A full bodied wine with robust flavours of peppery black cherry and blackberry fruits

With soft tannins.

  Los Pastos Merlot Chile

175ml £4.50   250ml £6.50   Bottle £18.50

A typical Chilean Merlot with a rich mix of blackcurrant and plum flavours and a hint of leather

supported by wonderful soft tannins

  Para Dos Malbec Argentinia

175ml £5.60   250ml £7.60   Bottle £22.50

Fruity, black cherries and blackberries are combined with sweet vanilla spice and nutty aromas

To provide a complex nose.

  Finca Monica Rioja Crianza Spain

   Bottle £27.50

Intense aromas of blackberries with touches of
wild herbs, hints of toasted coconut and
liquorice. Freshly fruity and richly textured.

A touch of spice

  Torridoro Primitivo Di Manduria Italy

Bottle £32.50

A complex bouquet of spices and ripe fruit scents with a soft sweetness. Gentle tannins and lasting finish

  Di Maria Prosseco Spumante Brut DOC

20cl Bottle £8.95     75cl Bottle £25.00

A touch of sugar adds a pleasing sweetness to the crisp and aromatic palate.

Hours of Operation


Closed Except for Bank Holidays

12:00am – 10:00pm



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12:00am - 6:00pm

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